Fingerprint lock can achieve what life?

by:Level      2020-07-07
Mobile phones, electrical appliances, the Internet, it seems that the three parties had intended without too much relevance, but under the concept of intelligent household makes them together, suddenly let a person feeling & other; Never imagined & throughout; Ah! But on second thought, the current situation so that it's a good thing cross-border cooperation, perhaps really can be in the field of smart home come up with a little going out? May yet fail to realize the intelligent household is blossoming, but the real can solve life pain points of intelligent products, such as fingerprint lock. Fingerprint lock opened & other; Future life & throughout; Entrance, the price of the few thousand yuan, can bring big convenience for life. Scenario 1 like to go out without my wallet, keys and the & other; Retired & throughout; Since the alipay, WeChat after payment, even to the side of the road to buy a Chinese pancake fruit, also need not take the wallet. Virtual payment has brought great convenience for the life, the fingerprint lock can solve out of trouble. Before going out to confirm & other; What key money & throughout; Integrity, forget your wallet and forgot to bring my keys, is a headache problem. And now, keys and wallet can be glorious retire. Unlike traditional door lock, fingerprint lock first performance in the lock on the way. Most of fingerprint lock can be set automatically on the market a variety of lock mode, in addition to traditional keys, you can also use password, fingerprint lock, intelligent induction, such as credit card way. Since then, the bag can be less off a string of heavy again afraid will lost the key. Scenario 2 take the express delivery, buy the food, need not the key to the door with the hand without using traditional, just a piece of cake for fingerprint lock, fingerprint lock can effectively solve many pain points in life. In the moment The Times convenient take delivery as a way of life. Especially as nearly & other; 618' Such promotional large sections, a lot of people but also receive Courier received adversary. When you hands holding a big small home delivery, also have to let go of the express, took out the key to open the door. This is a disappointing thing. And fingerprint lock is to eliminate this troubles, such as fingerprint lock only need light by fingerprints to unlock. There are more & other; A lazy person & throughout; Some way to open the lock, fingerprint lock attached induction system, you can set the binding mobile phone, when the mobile phone near the door lock automatically open. Close the door or close after 5 seconds 10 seconds, the door can be locked automatically again, to ensure safety. Similarly, need to buy food every day for housewife, induction of fingerprint lock function also can bring convenience. Even when his hands full of big fish big meat, still can easily open the door, without using the key. Scenario 3 children, older people go out to go home in time, remote know another practical function of fingerprint lock is a remote control, especially for families with children, older people, particularly useful. Most parents will need to go to work, can't bring your own children, can only rely on the old man or aunt. Install the fingerprint lock, can let the parents to better control their children's whereabouts, let parents rest assured. By installing the APP associated with fingerprint lock, can refer to open all the notes in the APP. If you use a fingerprint lock, different members of the fingerprint, anywhere to know when the old man to go out, when she go home; The child didn't go home on time after school, etc. This information, can help parents to better understand the situation in the home, once appear abnormal, can be found in a timely manner. If the children did not go home on time, parents can call the child after receipt of the information, see if unexpected, even a one thousand can take timely action. Scenario 4 rent house, friends and relatives visiting, domestic service, safe and convenient fingerprint lock on the market is a big part of the user about the Lord, fingerprint lock is able to save a lot of landlord. The manner of fingerprint lock can set the password lock and accurate password valid time. The short rent house, for example, to set a password, through share to tenants. Password into effect since the rent on the day, to check out that password void automatically. In this way, the lease is full, the old password can't open the door. For the present popular short rent the landlord, no need every time with the customer delivery, provide keys and recovery key, all contact by mobile phone. For ordinary rental housing, the owners are better able to manage his own house, tenants also need not worry about security issues and need to change the locks. Ordinary family relatives and friends visit, if you haven't returned home, just can share a temporary password via cell phone, friends and family can be through the one-time password to enter the house, you also need not tried her way back to open the door. When using domestic service, also can share one-time password, the password is only valid within the specified time interval. Without the need to aunt spare key, also is not afraid of strangers I don't know how long will enter the house. The entrance of a scenario 5 anomalies, timely report to the police for security reasons, the general fingerprint lock will bring their own alarm system. Such as door lock is opened, in the form of abnormal or lock password input error, etc. , the fingerprint lock will be time to mobile phones & other; Report & throughout; 。 In this way, the abnormal situation once the door, the owner can timely detection, timely report to the police. If is one of the traditional key to open the lock, the thief pry the door during the owner to work, can enter the family unnoticed. After the fingerprint lock, the thief broke in the risk is very high, it can better protect the safety of the home.
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