Fingerprint lock can be unlocked

by:Level      2020-07-07
With our security consciousness is higher and higher, more and more families start to use the fingerprint lock. But now there is a saying, said that as long as the copy of your fingerprint, can easily open the door lock, is that true? The plot of this we are often seen in the film, but real life is our fingerprints can also be so easily copied? Today is for fingerprint locks can be easily cracked? To do a test. Fingerprint lock can be unlocked? Fingerprint lock can be unlocked: firstly, we simulate the way in the movie copy right hand thumb fingerprints, laboratory experimenters to use multiple fingerprint inkpad printed on paper first, and then we choose clear two experimentation, ways, we took a high-resolution images of the fingers, and print the picture into the finger size, so, with the two fingerprints can open the door? We input in the fingerprint machine experimenter's right hand thumb prints, and then try to use these two pieces of fingerprint image to open the door lock, and see if I can open. Through several experiments we found that the fingerprint machine without any response, doesn't seem to identify two pictures. Fingerprint lock can be unlocked? Second, we first entry experimenter's right hand thumb prints. Next we use copy of fingerprints on the lock. Fingerprints and photographs inkpad fingerprints on the fingerprint lock, fingerprint lock is no reaction, then, we use the plasticine refers to the mold to try again, fingerprint lock the wrong certification of sound, it has identified this is a fingerprint, but still can't open lock. This is because the fingerprint lock with the fingerprint security level is very high, it is not a safe level and attendance machine, it may be possible to improve the image pixels, identify your finger temperature, humidity, this means, to achieve more other detection. Currently on the market many fingerprint lock is to use life recognition, in theory, of doing enough realistic can unlock the door, but in practice, copy the die hard and the same finger, so the fingerprint lock cannot be unlocked. Now in the market there is a technical analysis using capacitance fingerprint ravines, is to identify the scraped induction is living fingerprint, that is to say, inanimate copy fingerprint membrane will not work.
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