Fingerprint lock comb q&a: it is necessary to install the fingerprint lock?

by:Level      2020-07-06
Customers to consult with you for the first time what question fingerprint lock products? 'Your fingerprint lock circuit is broken? '' your fingerprint lock waterproof? '' fingerprint safe? 'In short, the idea of customers very much. And these 'problems' friends of clients also let we sell these lock very dizzy, today small make up a few typical problems, come and look at how to reply to the customer! Q: our home anti-theft lock core security level is very high, it is necessary to install the fingerprint lock? Each person's fingerprints are different, it is conceivable that it is very high, anti-theft sex because fingerprints cannot be replicated. In addition, the fingerprint lock can bring us convenient life. If the home anti-theft door lock is a lock core, the key is never forgotten! Q: can steal the fingerprint of open intelligent lock? Now, more and more use living fingerprint fingerprint lock, vein recognition technology such as: based on the characteristics of the human fingerprint, body temperature, and a series of characteristics to recognize, that is required is living fingerprint is the ability to unlock, that even cut finger, no vitality, also can't open the lock. Q: can I use ten months older son fingerprint lock? Before 4 years old infants and young children's fingerprint is not stable, after extracting the error rate is higher, in general, the fingerprint lock function using the best age range is the age of 4 to 90 ~ in addition, born without fingerprints, fingerprint wear is very serious fingerprint lock are not recommended. Q: the fingerprint lock of keyhole why hide? Mechanical lock need to open a door with the key, therefore, the mechanical key lock parts must be exposed, this also let the thieves had can take advantage of the machine, so it is necessary to hide fingerprint lock keyhole. And mechanical keys in the special situation of emergency just will only be used, usually is not in use, so exposed easily also affect the fingerprint lock tall level appearance style ah ~
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