Fingerprint lock details of choose and buy, spend less money

by:Level      2020-07-06
Bear, the appearance of the fingerprint lock as a smart home has gradually entered many families, but due to the penetration rate is not high, most people are still in wait-and-see state, understanding of the fingerprint lock is only in the news on the Internet, etc. Not to judge the stand or fall of fingerprint lock, spend more money on many look flashy function. Fingerprint identification which is good for the moment, the fingerprint recognition technology already quite mature, on the fingerprint lock, commonly used optical fingerprint recognition and semiconductor fingerprint identification. But, in terms of safety, semiconductor recognition is living recognition, copy to prevent fingerprint lock can have very good effect. Is the market at present the mainstream way of identification. Optical fingerprint recognition has the advantage of simple principle, low cost, using the light reflection imaging to identify the fingerprints, stolen, if the fingerprint is unstoppable. At the same time, the identification of optical vulnerable to environmental impact of its sensitivity, such as temperature, etc. Such as buying a fingerprint lock, choose semiconductor recognition is better. The electric magnetic must have the security in electronic protective performance, need to have a set of electromagnetic defense, market & other; The little black box & throughout; Is through the instant a high magnetic field to break electronic components, causing a system crash restart, achieve the goal of the lock. In general, can be & other; The little black box & throughout; Open those who are inferior products, in order to reduce the cost to do protection. When the choose and buy should choose normal manufacturer brand, spend less money. Should choose to have the package installation and after-sales service brand some say their ability to be installed manually, however, the installation of the fingerprint lock need to have the relevant experience better master to install, fingerprint lock covers mechanical parts and electronic components, if accidentally damage electronic parts, thed loss outweights the gain. Can also reduce the happening of the fault, correct installation and stable after-sales is the guarantee of fingerprint lock. When the choose and buy, it is suggested to after-sales service, as well as the brand package installation services.
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