Fingerprint lock era

by:Level      2020-07-07
Now & other; Intelligent & throughout; Word has in-depth every a person's life, such as smart phones, smart home, intelligent cars, and so on. Entry-level products like smart home fingerprint lock also gradually into the ordinary people! Very rapidly in recent years, the development of fingerprint lock, recognized by the users and the market at the same time, show the fingerprint lock instead of mechanical lock era is coming. So, a good fingerprint lock should be what kind of? Why intelligent products get the welcome of people, because of the era of progress at the end of the day or convenience of the daily life of human beings, and the fingerprint lock just caught human & other; Lazy & throughout; This property, so, good fingerprint lock must be a than the traditional mechanical lock simpler and more convenient to use the lock. At present, the fingerprint lock has solved the mechanical lock is often forgot to take my key, lost keys, open is not convenient, the disadvantages of short service life, use rise more convenient. Locks in which era, its basic task is to guard home. In the era of fingerprint lock, safety is also locks takong. Fingerprint lock, therefore, not only to give the user a simple and convenient to use experience, should let the fingerprint lock locks the essence of more, namely, the security guard against theft in the first place. In the era of mechanical lock, lock the big complaint is the owners do not know when the thief is through violence, technical means such as burglary. And in the era of fingerprint lock, the key into the lock and unlock tool as long as there is the opposite sex, violence or some open, fingerprint lock warning automatically criminals, and will alert to the host mobile phone. Intelligent human-computer interaction is a major characteristic. Fingerprint lock as a product of intelligent era, of course also cannot little human-computer interaction function. That is to say, the fingerprint lock can't as cold as a mechanical lock, the distance from the emotional gap with the user. Again, such as, he not at home, parents, lovers, children when to go out, when to go home, oneself can receive information, more love to his family. Fingerprint lock is part of the smart home, brings more human experience is the essence of it.
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