Fingerprint lock has several buy fingerprint lock should note

by:Level      2020-08-05
Fingerprint lock is our common electronic lock, is widely different from office space, such as have now also many families choose to use the fingerprint lock, it is a kind of intelligent locks, is very convenient to use and is usually used with password more secure, and the fingerprint lock has several? We pay attention to when buying fingerprint lock? 1. Fingerprint lock several optical fingerprint technology, optical fingerprint a fingerprint lock is basically it's not a requirement for the environment, and strong adaptability, and it also has good stability, long service life characteristics, price also relatively moderate, apply more extensive, security, financial, or forces are used, but due to the fingerprints are easy to be copied to use, select or want discreet, fingerprint shallow or desquamate, dry and difficult to identify. B, the semiconductor fingerprint technology of fingerprint lock belongs to the living recognition, his recognition is very precise and sensitive, and the characteristics of small volume, low power consumption, but its price is relatively high, material of scratches, easily damaged and stained to perspiration, stain, etc, use will be affected. C, sliding type fingerprint sliding type of fingerprint lock avoids the problem of optical fingerprint is copied, its small size, recognition is also very accurate, but its recognition speed is slow, the cost is on the high side. 2. Buy fingerprint lock should notice what a, buy fingerprint lock, safety first, should pay attention to it will not conflict with the use of security doors, there is no common security hidden danger. B, general household fingerprint locks are usually installed on the door, household words are usually installed on the door of guard against theft, so it should be suitable for all kinds of security doors, so avoid installation and use. C, intelligent also need certain intelligence system, for the probability of fingerprint and delete to the operation is simple, if you have a video display system configuration is better. D, stability, buy the fingerprint lock, the stability is very important, a lot of use in after a year of fingerprint lock will finalize the design, so need to purchase a higher stability factors of lock. E, fingerprint lock function is a need to know when buying, according to the function of the need to buy, for many people the fingerprint to open the door, can share permissions to open the door, have freedom to increase or decrease the door fingerprints, has a record of the query function, configure passwords, and collocation of mechanical use of keys, etc. , generally in a full range of these features, the security is very high. Above is about fingerprint lock several and buy the fingerprint lock should notice what to introduce, fingerprint lock compared with mechanical lock is more advantageous to the security of the family, but we also need to pay more attention to some, when buy so you can buy the proper and safe fingerprint lock. Buy a fingerprint lock I only to - — Intelligent products I only to buy - — — — The happiness of family life for you! ! !
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