Fingerprint lock in these problems, first screen like that yourself!

by:Level      2020-08-12
Fingerprint door lock is a lot of high-grade residential standard fingerprint identification in humans can be used to effectively reduce burglary event improve household anti-theft security level for electronic products will encounter some problems in the long-term use of ordinary users can check list processing fingerprint lock is common problem how to eliminate? How to rule out processing fingerprint door lock failure? Refers to the grain door lock without power is generally batteries or circuit malfunction. Common fingerprint lock using alkaline battery power supply or battery power supply ( Part of the high-end product may use solar power, unless the circuit board, or not without electricity. ) Fingerprint lock mode of power supply generally adopts four section 5 alkaline batteries, generally can be used for about a year, one is to use two sets of circuit system, two sets of four section 5 batteries, fingerprints, a set of circuit password a circuit, in about a year and a half. 1, fingerprint lock without electricity, people indoors. Can directly open the back cover, replace the alkaline battery can be normal use. 2, if the fingerprint lock without electricity, people outside. Temporary power supply emergency power supply can open, through some hardware store or a supermarket to buy 9 v battery, the correct connection is the cathode can be temporary power supply, replace the battery in time after entered the room. 3, also can through the emergency power supply charging way, fingerprint lock charging treasure temporary phone support, new products can be connected to emergency charging mouth by charging treasure, use temporary charge of fingerprint lock. 4, cannot buy 9 v battery and without charging treasure, can use emergency mechanical key to open the lock, according to the regulations of the industry, electronic lock should be equipped with mechanical key, using keys to open the lock. 5, circuit fault reason need professional maintenance, general circuit board is burned off, short circuit, solder joint causes such as poor contact, need corresponding brand after-sales calls to solve the problem!
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