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by:Level      2020-07-08
In recent years, in the face of a wave of smart home, many intelligent technology products have been the major manufacturers to fry a fire. Especially the fingerprint lock, but also become the giants have early to shoot at. However, under the affection of fingerprint lock concept constantly hyped, but consumers didn't seem to buy it. The essential reasons we have found that, although the current fingerprint lock products have mushroomed, but show a brand can really cut into consumers' pain points. Of course, there are exceptions. Fingerprint lock since the market, get the user's consistent recognition and praise. So why is this? This is because the original fingerprint lock to solve the three big pain points in the industry. (a: numerous fingerprint lock brands lack of whole industry chain, product quality can't guarantee. There is no denying the fact that in recent years, fingerprint lock output has been increased greatly, but many brands lack a complete industrial chain is still a sore point in this field. The consumers in the market come into contact with many brands of fingerprint lock is not their own production, but agent looking for factory production. Not strictly control the production process, foundry factory always blindly pursue & other; Quantity & throughout; While ignoring & other; Quality & throughout; Wait for a phenomenon is the main reason for the led products to issue. And most industries have obvious difference between the phenomenon is, from product development to production, sales and after-sales service of the whole industry chain, can go deep into the every link of products, and with the help of the modern society strong service network, provide consumers with more convenient after-sales service. Pain points 2: & other; Pseudo technology & throughout; Flood and part of the intelligent technical problems to be solved. In The Times of fingerprint lock with industry & other; Pseudo technology & throughout; Also constantly. Product appearance of everybody, the function of homogeneity in many brands manning & other; Intelligent & throughout; Did the placard, as meaningless & other; Pseudo technology & throughout; 。 At present, many fingerprint lock enterprise manufacturers have to paraphrase & other; Fingerprint + password + card & throughout; Routines and fixed mode, and a lot of fingerprint lock also has many loopholes on open means, such as fingerprint identification poor adaptability, affected by the environment, to recognize false rate boomed, still has a big rise space. It reflects a series of problems are part of the fingerprint lock brand on the market the lack of good technology upgrading and product innovation. In contrast, the fingerprint lock starting from the research and development, has been adhere to independent innovation in the high-end brand positioning. Using focused on product research and development design thought, using FPC fingerprint sensor, fingerprint recognition rate ( FRR) < 0. 0001%, fingerprint boomed from ( FAR) 0. 01%; Semiconductor biometric fingerprint technology; At 25 ℃ & ndash; — 60 ℃ environment to be able to quickly identify; C-level high-precision lock core, double handle, bearing rotating ability to multiply, design more secure door control. Pain points three: poor user experience, safety concerns. Today, & other; Fingerprint lock safety & throughout; Rumors related to town, in the final analysis or because the fingerprint lock function homogeneity on the market allows the user the feeling has been difficult to find differences on experience. There are even some fingerprint lock enterprise, in order to survive in the market, at the expense of the interests of users, in exchange for a low price, by means of the cut corners, shoddy lead to product quality the good and bad are intermingled, which damage the user's trust and use the experience of product. And in this regard, always put the user in the first place, to the user's attention is also embodied in the products of every detail. Lock body can wildcard where 99% of security doors, to realize the exchange of multiple brands; In addition, on the safety performance, the fingerprint lock using fingerprint, APP, key, password, fingerprint + password and multiple alerts locking system to protect the user's home security. In the future, we have full reason to believe that China's door lock can also like Western Europe and the United States developed countries, from traditional mechanical key lock to become the real integration of intelligent household door lock. The fingerprint lock deep in the heart, also must have the blueprint of unremitting struggle!
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