Fingerprint lock installed q&a highlights

by:Level      2020-07-09
Q: now that is electronic door locks, fingerprint lock why use mechanical lock, is that safe? Fingerprint lock is very necessary to install mechanical lock, this is from the point of view of safety consideration. Fingerprint lock and the double protection of mechanical lock, more security defense system. Electronic parts failure, even if an emergency mechanical lock can still give the strongest protection. Such as fingerprint lock under strong external force damage, cannot use open circuit principle, we can through mechanical keys to open, this time has a mechanical key is safer and more reliable. Q: has a mechanical lock in the home, if in the fingerprint lock door do you want to change? Generally do not need to change the door, the most is the ability to change directly. Just some door needs to be punched. ( Is mainly due to: the number of the original to us in today's demand) 。 Q: fingerprint lock due to the touch with finger often applied, the surface of the fingerprint readers will be broken within a few years to abrasion? Fingerprint readers is a special tempered glass materials chosen for the surface of the general manufacturing, appearance of nano coating treatment, very wear-resisting, planning utilizing life as much as thirty thousand times more. Even if use ten times a day, can also be used for ten years. Generally the appearance of special tempered glass is made by a thickness of 15 mm prism ( Not a mirror) Made of, there is must have the ability to resist damage, children usually wear to play is able to withstand ~ q: fingerprint locks are smart products, can't work? Most of the fingerprint lock with voice prompt function all the way, according to clew operation can be. Professional installation personnel will be in after you install the fingerprint lock, teach you the first time to use, and form a complete set of detailed instructions. The old man and the child can easily use. Question: why don't use the fingerprint lock function of remote control? Remote control equipment is the transmission signal by encoding decoding method for motor, complete function. Now, computer skills are developed, the many professional thieves have learned some relevant decoding technology ( The thief is not terrible, afraid the thief have culture ah ~ ~) So the fingerprint lock standard configuration is usually not with the function of remote control. Q: good or bad depends on the fingerprint read speed of fingerprint lock? Fingerprint readers read the speed of the general control in 1 seconds belong to a more normal, does not affect the user experience, more not essentially brings inconvenience. So can't simply read from the fingerprint lock rate to judge the stand or fall of fingerprint lock screw. Q: finger was cut influential to fingerprint identification? Now, many fingerprint lock fingerprint readers in the process of identifying will use automatic AGC circuit, has certain fingerprint authentication automatic repair function, if it is a minor scratch, can realize the door; But if it is finger was seriously wounded could not. Fingerprint lock can add multiple users, so you can add a few spare fingerprints, password, credit card or by open it.
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