Fingerprint lock is a key link development of smart home | |

by:Level      2020-07-06
The fingerprint lock in European and American market penetration rate more than 50%, and the penetration rate is as high as 90% in South Korea, and the fingerprint lock as an important component of intelligent household intelligent security then we will start to assess intelligent household industry development direction in the future. 1, the core for the future development of smart home in the field of security. Intelligent security become an integral part of intelligent life system, it is important to the fingerprint lock, and the home network camera, use infrared alarm, door magnetic detector, smoke alarm, leakage detector has become the development direction of smart home products. 2, the future of smart home products operation should be brief and clear, to & other; The fool & throughout; Direction, but also improve the operation of interest in sex, etc. Intelligent household also want to think of the problems of environmental protection and energy saving, energy saving equipment in the operating system to participate in, the intelligent management of power consumption, etc. 3, in the future should secure operating system of intelligent security products personalized; Modern consumer demand trend of more and more individuation, the appearance of individuation, individuation of the operating system and product portfolio of personalization is mass consumption trend. 4, populist market service road; People is not only a lower price, more attention should be paid to the follow-up services, installation, operation, maintenance, promotion and so on a series of services.
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