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by:Level      2020-07-06
Fingerprint lock technology matures, produced the fingerprint lock was quite good. Fingerprint anti-theft lock set & other; Fingerprint + password + mechanical keys & throughout; In the integration of intelligent lock, also can according to customers need to customize do remote control lock, and other functions, is & other; Local tyrants level & throughout; Configuration. Anti-theft performance is different, the market price also has difference. Has the mechanical anti-theft function of fingerprint lock prices are higher than those ordinary fingerprint lock anti-theft function of heaven and earth. Therefore, consumption of choose and buy the fingerprint lock, the first to choose corresponding lock according to your door. Fingerprint lock has been widely used in high-grade residential buildings, and office buildings, is gradually accepted by the masses of users. According to the research of the public security authorities, fingerprint lock growth rate is very high, and the traditional locks have slow down, the trend shows that the fingerprint lock will have to replace the traditional mechanical lock, a new era of competition, will naturally cause update technology, to promote the progress of human civilization. Fingerprint lock, although is not the necessities of life, along with the progress of The Times, people life quality rise, certainly will be lock, fingerprint lock give people free personality and intelligent life experience
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