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by:Level      2020-07-08
How much is the fingerprint lock? We can see hundreds of yuan from taobao to 23000, four! Why so big gap? What is hundreds of yuan's quality is bad, or several thousand yuan, fingerprint lock the price on the high side? Small make up to you know today! How much is normal fingerprint lock, depends mainly on the following aspects: the brand: nowadays fingerprint lock brands on the market is various, between each brand fingerprint lock in a price also is different. On the appearance and configuration will affect the price of fingerprint lock. Function: compared with the traditional mechanical lock, fingerprint lock by a mix of mechanical parts and electronic components. The main functions of the fingerprint lock should be done by electronic components, electronic parts fingerprint lock play an important role on stability, good electrical components, on the function and stability will stand out above, the price will be relatively high. Three, structure aspects: fingerprint lock is a kind of high-tech electronic products, it is a complicated synthesis. Main part is divided into hardware and software. Hardware is made up of many parts, including external lock body and the internal circuit board. In contrast, a traditional mechanical lock structure is simpler, and the mechanical lock is not electronic software part. So that it is destined to fingerprint lock manufacturing costs are much higher than mechanical lock, price nature is much more expensive. 4, material: doing good fingerprint lock plate on the market are using zinc alloy, and lock body are of 304 stainless steel that guarantees the fingerprint lock appearance is beautiful and lock body are of good quality!
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