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by:Level      2020-07-06
Fingerprint lock brands to choose what is good? Small make up recommend, founded in 1993, started with mechanical locks, in recent years, the main force in the r&d of fingerprint lock. There are three major product lines, mechanical lock, lock and fingerprint lock. Mechanical locks, company from founding positioning in the high-end market, adhere to high standards of quality policy, the careful design, innovation, quality brass lock series, high-grade mechanical lock body etc series products. Launch management lock lock series to low mechanical precision guarantee mutual opening rate and security permissions management and meet the market demand of high precision C level and C level safety lock core. Electric door lock, investing heavily in the research and development and the hotel door lock system design, and continuous innovation, continuous improvement management system, product and door lock for hotels and other commercial office space to provide convenient and effective modern solutions. Followed household intelligent development, the company launched the fingerprint lock, and praised by consumers. So the fingerprint lock brands, small make up recommend
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