Fingerprint lock let household more secure

by:Level      2020-07-07
Security doors to entered innumberable families, and security door lock is thousand gesture. From early mechanical lock, to modern electronic locks and smart locks, to the powerful momentum of development in recent years, represented by fingerprint identification of new intelligent lock fingerprint lock, the development of science and technology and industrialization of permeability also triggered the lock of the revolution, from the aspects of safety, convenience, and management brings users a high quality of life, work, and the wonderful experience and enjoy entertainment and so on. Fingerprint lock as the third generation of security products, has broken the traditional mechanical lock function of the single door, is a set of optical, mechanical, electronic and the core algorithm of fingerprint technology as one of the high-tech products. Now fingerprint lock has many functions, such as networking, open the door to record function, remote control, intelligent alarm, multiplayer mode, management level, and so on. These are closely connected with electronic information technology in the IT industry. As people security consciousness to strengthen, the continuous improvement of living standards and requirements, new function, new demands are arises at the historic moment, by the state requirements of the functions of the government institutions at the same time, also has a lot of related requirements. In current biometric technologies, fingerprint recognition is easy to develop, development and mature of biological recognition technology. Its application to a wide range. Fingerprint in relativity and stability are very accord with the requirement of biometric systems. According to the international biometric group IBG, fingerprint identification occupied the leading role of biometric market. Accounts for 80% of biometric market share. Choose to do fingerprint lock, need to consider several points: one, you need to build their own installation and after-sales service team. Fingerprint lock is different from traditional locks, it's a bit similar to household appliances, the user's perception of it is need a process, the intermediate service will exist. Second, choose a good brand products to do. So-called good brand is the brand of the company must have certain strength, product quality have the guarantee, the features of the product must conform to the needs of the market at present, the price of the product have the advantage. Three, according to your financial strength to choose the appropriate company size, company scale in fact it's all about the choice of service ability. The larger service capability should be stronger; Generally can be divided into regional agents, distributors, agents, general agent, etc. The higher the level the more the money you need, because you want to stock up and turnover. If there is no successful experience and the ability of other products, advice from small start level. Four, fingerprint lock is not equal to you only sell the fingerprint lock, want to consider the company's sales and capital turnover, general & other; Fingerprint & throughout; The two words is a good starting point, if the choice of brand manufacturers to provide fingerprints of other products at the same time, will be a better choice.
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