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by:Level      2020-07-08
Fingerprint technology in the application of modern life and work is becoming more common, fingerprint attendance, fingerprint of social security, bank of fingerprint, fingerprint mall, fingerprint shuttle children live and work and so on the new phenomenon is well known, fingerprint technology is becoming a refresh of our modern way of life. Door, for a family, is the guarantee of safety. But elaboration to the door on the safety of door lock. From the ancient latch to key to unlock, to trick lock, the increasingly along with the development of science and technology speeds up, lock also changed dramatically. Especially in recent 10 years, with the rapid development of biometric technology level and gradually maturing, mature of fingerprint identification technology, has been integrated into the intelligent electronic lock body, develop a new concept of fingerprint lock, escort of the household life for us. At present, China's market of fingerprint lock, mainly used in the engineering project and some high-end sites. However, fingerprint lock can be mechanical locks, trick lock, the induction lock after another generation of locks, will naturally to popularize development. This is because the fingerprint locks have other mechanical locks, trick lock, the induction locks incomparable advantages: high security, sex, memory is strong, can lock in public, high portability, will never be lost, guard against theft. What's more, the fingerprint lock has become a symbol of high quality life. So what is the working principle of fingerprint lock? Originally, fingerprint lock is the human fingerprint for the identification of a carrier and means of smart locks, it is the computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and the crystallization of modern hardware technology. Fingerprint lock by electronic identification and control, general mechanical linkage system of two parts. Fingerprint resistance and determines the fingerprint lock is currently for safety lock locks of all kinds. Fingerprint lock is better than traditional locks, but at present in the household market share is not large, main reasons are the following: one is the fingerprint lock is currently on the market price is on the high side, common in the 5000 & ndash; 8000 yuan; Two is not form a scale, business market consciousness, there is no corresponding marketing and after-sales service; Three consumer stability of fingerprint lock technology is still held a sceptical. But the wheel of history will not retreat, never stopped exploring lock manufacturers, any difficulty can't stop the trend of the development of fingerprint lock. Pute rose technology co. , LTD. It is bullish on the vast gap in the market, the fingerprint lock with combination of double insurance, let a person feel more at ease, so that a set of locks are priced at 2000 & ndash; — 4000 yuan, and the mechanical lock on the market price of common is controlled in one thousand yuan. Company general manager Li Yiting said, with the continuous development of the market, the electronic lock will be more and more popular, the price also can be controlled in one thousand yuan. It also shows that the enterprise bigger and stronger, make the fingerprint lock brand's ambition, and illustrates the fingerprint lock more market potential is infinite, is the future development trend of the lock.
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