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by:Level      2020-07-21
The stability of the fingerprint lock is not high, fingerprint lock is an electrical device, lock quality stand or fall, the scientific nature and rationality of circuit design, will affect the stability of the fingerprint lock. When consumer choose and buy products, produced by professional manufacturers of choose and buy the fingerprint lock. Professional manufacturer of fingerprint lock usually have long experience in design and manufacture of design is relatively simple and stable, strong practicability. Fingerprint identification needs to improve: mainly for some people can't use the fingerprint lock, usually with 1% 5% of people can't use the fingerprint lock, or you need to identify to pass for many times. If the fingerprint lock can do more than 98% of people can be easy to use, that is pretty good. Battery life of different length: energy-consuming function of many, the rationality of the circuit design is scientific, leakage protection, use the number and frequency of high and low are the important factors influencing the power supply. Manufacturers usually indicate the battery life can be a year of fingerprint lock, in practice, many manufacturers of fingerprint lock life are less than half a year, and the fingerprint lock is not prompt the user to replace the battery, tend to cause the user out, cause needless trouble. Especially after add remote control or IC card function, power consumption will be very big. With the office and home use also is installed two concepts.
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