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by:Level      2020-07-07
In recent years, people are constantly try to use all kinds of modern science and technology to strengthen security, the application of the biometric identification technology becomes more and more show its intelligent and humanization of great strength. More and more ordinary families also abandoned the old mechanical lock, begin to use advanced fingerprint lock to protect & other; Throughout the home &; Escort. Grain lock as the lock security of a new generation of products, by the media and the user's attention and sought after. And for the ordinary households towards intelligent community and intelligent family, fingerprint lock will be open step of Chinese intelligent life. At the same time, the fingerprint combination lock is also became mechanical locks, combination locks the new leading role of the security fingerprint lock tend to be government agencies, Banks, such as apartment need places used by the security and privacy. Compared with the ordinary mechanical lock, fingerprint lock is more secure and convenient features. Fingerprint lock is proposed: the fingerprint lock don't need to use mechanical key to open the lock, but using the advanced & other Biometric identification technology & throughout; , through the input fingerprint authentication to open the door. Fingerprint lock biometric fingerprint is used to identify the identity safe using the human body, has the characteristics of irreplaceable, could not be copied, and sex, the use of high-tech, biometric and DSP algorithms of digital image processing technology, is in line with the modern ( Modern decoration) The security requirements of a new generation of entrance guard system. As people's safety consciousness gradually increase, the development potential of intelligent anti-theft lock is very huge. , which is based on the advanced scientific research technology, driven by customer's quality requirement, in order to fashion industry design as the guide, to ensure satisfactory after-sales service, innovation for optimal, pioneering spirit, committed to the field of intelligent anti-theft lock. All rights reserved: / Reprint please indicate the source)
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