Fingerprint lock optical and semiconductor fingerprint head difference

by:Level      2020-07-08
With the mature fingerprint lock industry and people living standard rise, more and more consumers when decorating a lock or have choose fingerprint lock. But many people will have a doubt, the fingerprint lock optical and semiconductor fingerprint head difference? This is a very professional technical problems, optics and the differences of the semiconductor. Baidu first, suddenly found that I'm old play bone of the intelligent lock should also look not to understand, what's the difference between both? Or the principle of baidu, then say. The following from baidu: optical fingerprint head: optical fingerprint acquisition technology is widely used to is old and fingerprint acquisition technology, optical fingerprint collection device, which began in 1971, the principle of total reflection of light, FTIR) 。 Light to have a fingerprint of the surface of the glass, the reflected light received by CCD to light through the glass after exposure to the valley on the surface of glass and air total reflection, the light is reflected by CCD, and toward the ridge of the light is not total reflection occurs, but absorbed by contact with the glass and the ridge or diffuse to the other place, so formed a clear fingerprint image on the CCD. Semiconductor fingerprint head: imaging principle is: both capacitive and inductive, its principle, in a piece of hundreds of thousands of semiconductor devices 'tablet', finger stick on it and make up the capacitance ( Inductance) The other side, because the fingers flat bumpy, concave convex point and the actual distance of point contact plate size is different, formed the capacitance ( Inductance) Value is different, according to the principle of the equipment will be collected different numerical summary, completes the fingerprint acquisition. The following is the author analysis: JianEr, optical fingerprint is the use of optical head of reaction to realize the fingerprint image, and the difference of semiconductor is the use of the potential to become a fingerprint image, the difference is on the principle of imaging have essential differences, no doubt on this point. So now the characteristics of fingerprint lock and both imaging characteristics of differences came out. 1. Semiconductor afraid dry wet finger, because according to the principle of phase imaging, once the potential difference between is too small or too small will be unable to form a clear image finger, then will have great difficulty in identification, dry wet finger is this kind of circumstance, or a mass of black image, or images too light, can't accurate recognition. 2. Optical high to finger temperature requirement, although optical identification temperature is not high, but the finger temperature requirements high, afraid of finger grain deformation, this also is at present a lot of optical fingerprint lock once fingers grain deformation, such as bubble, such as temperature is too low, open more troublesome one of the reasons. 3. Is not easy to solve the problem of residual fingerprints optical, semiconductor, there is no residual fingerprints, but now most of the qualified products have solved this problem, the remaining fingerprint at present is only small problems, cannot as optical big problem. 4. Optical because is toughened glass, wear-resisting, Mr Abhisit, it knows that used small small touch does not hurt the body, everybody knew. For the electronic semiconductor components, in this respect will be a little a bit poor, afraid of scratching and wear resistance than optical. The earth the person all know; 5. Semiconductor afraid of static electricity, optical does not exist, it is relevant to its imaging principle of, half body guide is born by electricity to identify, optical image, as a result, once between electrostatic too strong, too big to the harm of the semiconductor, whereas optical does not exist the problem. 6. Optical because need the refraction of light reaction, she is big, this is used also know, and semiconductor because it is a piece of capacitor, so the smaller, fingerprint lock is easy to set up into various shapes, this is the advantage of semiconductor; 7. Optical relatively mature, the price is low, the semiconductor is in high-speed development period, the price compared to the optical somewhat expensive, is everyone accept also understand this point. Conclusion: optical performance good, stable and mature, but bigger, higher requirements on finger temperature; Semiconductor, gradually improve the cost performance, is at a high speed development, small, applied widely, but the current of dry wet finger problem is still in the solution phase. Add: aiming at the problem of fingerprint copy, both the exploration of the living fingerprint, and have made many achievements, overall, a little easier on the solution of the semiconductor, optical, still can be only a few companies do there is no perfect solution. But simply from the so-called saw in the movie from a cup, finger touching other parts of the fingerprint is impossible to solve the fingerprint lock, it has great relationship and imaging algorithm, if the real copy, it must be through the special means or artificial active replication copies fingerprints for each other will start. And this is the precondition of the active and special, otherwise it is impossible to solve the fingerprint. You don't have to believe the so-called copying the fingerprint. Don't be blinded by the so-called online video. Remember the fingerprint is privacy, don't light with others! Because not only is the lock, id also built-in fingerprint, export is also on the strength of the fingerprint, this is to identify the powerful features of personal identity, and privacy.
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