Fingerprint lock popularization, the country has grabbed from baby! Will you still hesitating?

by:Level      2020-07-07
Small make up has been engaged in fingerprint lock for years, the family, relatives have already installed the fingerprint lock. One day, smart cute little niece came home from school, cheerful to tell you that their textbooks have a dedicated fingerprint lock the text not afraid lost keys, and she like fingerprint lock at home every day, the teacher to ask questions about the feeling of the fingerprint lock, she answered positively, has got the thumbs up from the teachers and classmates and praise. Primary school education is the foundation of the whole education career, from the point of life development, primary school is the most important, is the most active long body, long knowledge. Pupil strong curiosity, curiosity strong, the thought is agile, why to ask me anything, they like a sponge, constantly absorbing all kinds of knowledge. Elementary school students have a good memory, is good at reciting, things of interest, to be able to keep in mind. Pupils imitate force is strong, easy to do XiJiu integrity, good habits formed in childhood, can firmly maintain life. See, should be so detailed introduce fingerprint lock, this is a primary school textbook, authority, popularity and importance of primary school textbooks, small make up will no longer be highlighted. Also, all the Chinese children should see, The new big head son and small head dad) One episode 277 precious video/upside of fingerprint lock, also has introduced to the fingerprint lock, just beginning ability strong small head dad put the wrong fingerprint lock, lock yourself at home, ha, ha, ha. Has been an irreversible trend of the whole household to the beauty of the bedroom style, now besides the function of products, consumers prefer the products of high quality and fashion design, and one-stop service concept, for smart door lock products, the function is still in the first place, plus in recent years, intelligent household, make proper under the European classical style of door lock the wind began to blow up a high-tech intelligence. Camera and the fingerprint lock adopts a similar 'af semiconductor recognition' patent technology, texture clearer focus of recognition, namely according to the spirit, not afraid of crack, unafraid to dry, wear-resistant anti-static performance is very good, and the door supports five fingerprints, the administrator password, five administrator 5 administrator card, 50 normal user password, 50 ordinary users fingerprint, 50 ordinary user card, user ID 120, total 285 users. LCD screen display function; Add, delete or change the fingerprint password, be clear at a glance. Fingerprint identification technology development up to now, through the fingerprint recognition algorithm to upgrade and improve, fingerprint recognition will be reduced to the requirement of information, autofocus fingerprint patent technology, 0. 5 s fast fingerprint lock, 360 degree angles to identify, prevent scratches, crack prevention, anti-static, fast recognition is completely can be implemented easily and used in the field of business office will help business people to work more adept, fingerprint lock affect our daily life, will be more safe, convenient and fashionable! Note: this article mainly for consumers to know more fingerprint lock is convenient and intelligent, security and so on to make introduction, part of the content from the network and adaptation, and if there is any infringement please contact small make up to delete, thank you! !
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