Fingerprint lock, prevent you can't get into the house

by:Level      2020-07-09
Since the birth of fingerprint lock, we removed out forgot to bring my keys the embarrassment of not into the house, has brought great convenience for the life. Because of its internal structure and ordinary locks are very different, use effect also different. So, what are loyal constant fingerprint lock performance advantages can make household greatly improve safety performance? 1, security have fingerprints open, fingerprint lock passwords, a variety of identification of carrier and means such as induction card, generally by the electronic identification and control, mechanical linkage system of two parts, because of the fingerprint and sex, the diversity of true and false phantom password combination, from now on all don't have to worry about the door open by other people. 2, ease of use than their fingers, digital fingerprint lock due to password correctly order + phantom passwords match to open the door, get rid of the dependence on the traditional mechanical keys, no key is lost, damaged, forgetting an accident situation. 3, functional fingerprint lock function is stronger, the fingerprint lock may at any time for many people the fingerprint to open the door and permissions to open the door, quality stability, good performance. Can also free or open fingerprints, have the functions of query log and password at the same time, can real-time monitor their locks. 4, aptitude to add and remove operations such as fingerprints, password, induction card, is very simple, users don't need too much memory the password and code. High-performance fingerprint lock also equipped with a video display system, user operation more convenient. 5, fashion fingerprint lock with European style, Chinese style, contemporary and contracted, vintage elegance, such as the appearance of all sorts of styles, surface process also USES electroplating and spray paint, and other functions, such as general exquisite art, main material: zinc alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy, etc. The style of concise, elegant, easy to make it suitable for a door and interior door. The appearance of all sorts of color match with all kinds of wood and metal gate respectively.
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