Fingerprint lock production process

by:Level      2020-08-04
Fingerprint lock on market at present the price from a few hundred yuan to 5, 6000, the cause of the price difference is so big, we are familiar with changes in the cost of materials, there is another important factor, that is the long-term stability of the fingerprint lock process costs. The production process of fingerprint lock count up to hundred items, while simple induction can be divided into the following eight major production processes. Below to introduce, hope you understand the production process of fingerprint lock to have some help. Products, product design, inspiration into the beginning of product design including design, functional design, circuit design, algorithm design, etc. Product design need to set out from the market, rigorous, have the feasibility and need to be considered in design process, such as appearance design should consider the realization of the function and circuit design and the realization of the function and algorithm design. Therefore, whether a fingerprint lock brands have innovation ability and strength, by looking at its product update cycle, can see clue. Second, the mould manufacturing, high quality products are the starting point of the starting point of the fingerprint lock production, is the mould manufacturing. Mold is mainly mechanical parts of the mold, manufacture excellent fingerprint lock products mold, not only need to be equipped with advanced equipment, high-quality mold steel, more important is need experienced mold master. Experienced mold master use of advanced equipment, to research and debugging, mold can ensure that all the mould dimension precision, thus ensuring the stability of the. 20 years of experience in the lock, fingerprint lock using high quality stainless steel, zinc alloy mold, but also has the industry experienced mold master. Three, die-casting part, USES the advanced equipment to perform high standard die casting parts, namely the production of various types of locks homemade pressure through the die casting machine fingerprint lock die cutting molding shell's major mechanical components. Lock shell adopts disposable die-casting molding process, this process increases the difficulty of die casting and the requirement to the plate, can effectively reinforce the strength of products, to maximum extent, guarantee the safety of products, and the overall appearance is perfect. Its material generally use zinc alloy and stainless steel, zinc alloy with good ductility and plasticity, is common material fingerprint lock industry. Stainless steel has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and durability, the shell is one of the best materials. Die-casting parts using the main material is zinc alloy, 304 stainless steel, good material and die casting equipment can guarantee the hardness, mechanical structure of the products and precision. Fourth, parts polishing, efficient environmental protection mechanical parts of the production process of fingerprint lock die casting is completed, will be sent to polishing polishing processing ( Lock parts need polishing mainly shell) 。 Shell polishing processing by exterior cleaning, grinding, polishing and several key techniques such as corrosion. Polishing effect indirectly influenced the fingerprint lock on the surface of the aesthetic effect of finished goods and durability. So the polishing must have a standard process and clear process. Five, the shell plating, perform strict standard plating electroplating is a fingerprint lock appearance shape at the end of the link, its effect involves many procedures and factors. Master different electroplating enterprises, electroplating, plating solution composition and process, presents the effect of different. Six, electronic components production, standardization production electronic components production is one of the most important aspect of the whole production process, it bear the function of fingerprint lock can achieve normal final design. In order to ensure the accuracy of electronic technology, must adopt the advanced production equipment and has the advanced production environment, at the same time also requires assembly personnel in every detail care and patience, a little mistake will lead to the entire parts cannot be used, so the technical requirements for the employees is very high. Seven, final assembly, mechanical and artificial auxiliary to fingerprint lock electronic part and mechanical part, after the completion of production assembly can be achieved. Assembly using semi-automatic production and artificial auxiliary combination of production, at the same time, combined with scientific and reasonable assembly, the assembly jobs classify, broken down into a dozen jobs, make a assembly tend to be more reasonable, enhance the efficiency of the assembly process, improve the assembly quality. Eight, product quality inspection, the fingerprint lock between quality assurance products as the last link of production, is very important to the quality of the products, so a good fingerprint lock brands will be special attention to quality control process and quality inspection standards. Each a fingerprint lock products in bulk before delivery, need to unlock after tens of thousands of times of simulation experiment, explosion-proof wear test, high temperature oven test, get wet in the rain with wet test, hydrochloric acid tank corrosion test, pressure tank shock test, such as inspection, to ensure that the performance of the product. When mass production, quality inspection personnel to the assembled locks in appearance, function, and check all accessories accessories, ensure that every factory of the fingerprint lock can be used normally and stably.
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