Fingerprint lock safe? How to choose a good smart locks

by:Level      2020-07-09
Because of the smart home brings convenient life, more and more people to have intelligent life is full of expectation. Intelligent lock is one aspect of the smart home, the friend that many new to household intelligence door lock, also don't know how to buy smart locks, the author from the following several aspects about how to choose a good smart lock. , security door lock as the home's first line of safety barrier, people use every day, and safety is an important factor. Faced with different price, different material and function of intelligent door locks, they are on the security have why to distinguish? National standard for lock developed three security level, respectively is A, B, C level, the opening time of 1 minute, 5 minutes, 270 minutes respectively. Intelligent lock when the choose and buy, class C lock is preferred. Lock body material is 304 stainless steel material, best 304 stainless steel are durable, solid and reliable, wear resistance, not easy to rust. As the electronic lock is driven by a motor clutch lock, so the motor and clutch must be durable, and two parts must be in the midst of lock body, lock to avoid violence. Second, the brand smart lock is the large-scale development in recent years, in order to compete for the cake, hundreds of enterprises to join the intelligent lock industry. Other Internet companies to preempt the smart home entrance, have also introduced intelligent lock product. According to incomplete statistics, at present already more than 1000 smart locks enterprises in China. The good and evil people mixed up with such situation, the consumer in choosing a smart locks, must understand the manufacturer, choose a long and powerful brand of enterprise. Such as the well-known high-tech enterprise intelligence, has 25 years experience in manufacturing smart locks, integrates product research and development, production, sales, maintenance. In recent years, with the development of smart home, many Internet companies on the entrance of the smart home -- — Smart door lock. As the integration of smart home, Internet companies into intelligent lock this product, even at the cost of launching a smart locks and a low prices. Door lock, however, is the first a safety barrier as a medium, we in choosing a smart locks, should choose the traditional enterprise products, because the door is not an accessory of household life, is the need to constantly accumulated technology and manufacturing door lock, continuous improvement. Fingerprints of three, fingerprints, head of the intelligent lock head basically has two types: optical fingerprint and semiconductor fingerprint. Optical fingerprint head easy to copy, cause potential safety hazard, head of semiconductor fingerprint security is higher, is generally not easy to be copied. Smart using Swedish FPC nano ceramic fingerprint lock head, using technology living creature, the use of the flexible, 0. 3 s recognition, a touch namely. Fourth, after-sales service, with the development of Internet, consumers can now easily online intelligent lock, but complaints about installation, after-sales followed. The installation and maintenance of intelligent lock need professional operation, when buying a smart locks should know the manufacturer to see if there is perfect after-sale service system.
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