Fingerprint lock security and convenience to unity

by:Level      2020-07-09
Fingerprint lock as intelligent household entry-level products in our country, the development of security market in household has for some time, has now become one of the higher total market recognition in intelligent household products, thus the fingerprint lock development prospect is broad. But in individual intelligence stride development under the background of science and technology, such as combination lock pseudo concept is one of the smart door lock market, if appear a little out of style. Is special in the face of practical size of the scale of the mechanical lock, electronic lock when the choice, our country's locks scale is not practical, then how to do both to agree with the old national scale requirements of mechanical index of security, and has a high and new technology of intelligent functions? It is to our country the scale of the fingerprint lock enterprises put forward higher requirements. Fingerprint lock fingerprint lock goal is to make use of intelligent and makes the locks is safer and more convenient. If both do not have both, then home installation is a specious ordinary electronic lock, let hackers and thieves in and out, can neither prevent nor prevent. So how do you guarantee the smart encryption combined with mechanical anti-theft complete? This is industry companies to grope for research topic. Nowadays some common research and development strength of the manufacturers, and made valuable attempt in this field. The spontaneous action of enterprise, self-discipline is gradually under the new definition on the Internet in the new period of a new generation of fingerprint lock. Want to achieve the unity of the security and convenience, it is necessary in the design, technology and big kung fu. How production enterprises, from the perspective of the dimension change? The practice of inspection, the fingerprint lock on security electronic encryption and mechanical anti-theft combination, can do it in the true sense of double insurance, locks and other Strong & throughout; 。
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