Fingerprint lock serious homogeneity today, distribution agents depend on 'titanium' breakthrough

by:Level      2020-07-06
With the development of smart home, 2018 is a highly developed' target='_blank'>intelligent lock industry, year, nearly 2000 brands have sprung up on the market competition. Imitation plagiarism, stick a card brand accounted for the majority, creative, have the characteristics of the brand is not much. Homogeneity serious current the main material of intelligent door locks have plastic, stainless steel, zinc alloy, etc. In profit driven each brand smart lock to save on development costs, to use the same material are imitation. In the case of function almost the same, don't know how to select intelligent lock brand distribution agents. Price war from 1999 to 999, to 699, even 299, 'there is no minimum, only lower', most brand brand want to have a place for yourself, with low-cost smart locks, are all in the price. But in many cheap smart locks, there is no quality assurance of the defective goods, for the most part and no after-sale guarantee. Low-cost products, even the price is not enough, a lock core quality from whence, enterprise management from whence, service from there, who knows the ultra low price ultimately hurt the first is the agent, the second is the consumer, but as a consumer, the industry is small industries, all written materials are all the same, simply can't understand what brand is good, only a titanium alloy, the texture and feel of a touch of material, different feeling, nondiscolouring titanium alloy cover with twenty years to the user confidence. Homogeneity of the product, what price you quote, users say, users also really can't distinguish between product quality, and the brands of the low price also can maintain how long still don't know, brand is gone, his management of customer is gone for many years, there are differences between the select material of the titanium alloy, is the wise choice. Era of titanium alloy in the smart locks so serious homogeneity today, distribution agents how to choose competitive intelligence lock brands? This year 25 years brand smart locks, innovation to produce high-end material - — Titanium alloy. Titanium alloy has high strength, good corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, etc. Many countries in the world is to know the importance of the titanium alloy material, titanium alloy is mainly used to produce aircraft engine compressor components, followed by the rockets and missiles and high-speed plane structure. 'Ti' is not the same as titanium alloy, it is 'titanium' is not the same. The appearance of the titanium alloy products simply and easy, feel good. This year titanium intelligent fingerprint with five functional features: stability, resistance, and large, fast, low, stability, wear-resisting, namely, the lock one pace reachs the designated position, convenient and quick, and the market retail price low. Titanium alloy intelligent fingerprint lock on style design adopted American minimalist style, in line with the current after 8090 young consumers fashionable pursuit of contracted style. As the first intelligent lock manufacturers to use titanium alloy material, is building intelligent lock's flagship. Titanium alloy intelligent lock will create a fresh air to the intelligent lock industry, leading the distribution agent to break 2019!
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