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by:Level      2020-07-08
Purchase of fingerprint lock, there is a big confusion is that so many brands of fingerprint lock, all has the function of scanning fingerprints, as if no difference, but always feel fingerprint identification ability should also have a better brand. Through what way can see fingerprint identification ability? Resolution ( dpi) Is the understanding of the fingerprint reading head, as the principle of the pixels of the camera and the higher the pixels, shine the clearer; And the higher the resolution of the fingerprint reading head, the faster the reaction speed, to identify the more accurate, more stable performance; According to the fingerprint lock industry standard, fingerprint reading head, a resolution of 500 dpi resolution below this fingerprint reading head, reaction speed, the recognition accuracy and stability is not guaranteed. “ Boomed from & throughout; ( FRR,错误拒绝率) , also known as & other; False reject rate throughout the &; , fingerprint identification system is a key technical indicators, the source said the same fingerprint rejected matching probability. In other words, should match, but was blocked by the system, think different sources. It is defined as: FRR = reject the fingerprints of the number/total number of fingerprint & times; Boomed 100%, refuse & le; 1%. “ Recognize false rate throughout the &; , also known as a deterrent to rate, fingerprint identification system is another key technical indicators, which represents the different sources of the probability of fingerprint is accepted. That is to say, should not matching, but was accepted by the system, the thought source of the same. It is defined as: FAR = number of wrongful convictions fingerprint/total number of fingerprint & times; 100%, the rate of fingerprint lock to recognize fake & le; 0. 0001%. Fingerprint recognition is a key part of the fingerprint lock, at the time of purchase of fingerprint lock, bear in mind that see clear data.
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