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by:Level      2020-06-30
Locks used keys easily lost or forgotten, to great trouble to modern life, intelligent fingerprint lock brand Mr. Huang with self-developed fingerprint recognition technology is applied to door locks, use human fingerprints of sex and sex, through the fingerprint identification technology has solved the key carry easily lost or forgotten the problems of everyday life. With independent intellectual property rights of fingerprint lock module, are free to set the lock on the fingerprint lock fingerprints and remove the lock fingerprints. Each person's fingerprints in the world is yes; And fingerprint lock of using fingerprint identification technology in the recognition of human fingerprint, to the human body temperature, humidity, even the speed of blood flow and so on all has certain requirements, to keep away any protesters - expected to be the copy with the use of the hidden trouble of the fingerprint, ensure the safety of users to use the fingerprint lock. Fingerprint lock market has gradually become the application of fingerprint key battleground, with the continuous development of fingerprint biometric technology, in China, will be more and more realize fingerprint lock the effects of innovation to our life and benefits. All rights reserved: Smart door lock reprint please indicate the source)
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