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by:Level      2020-07-08
Fingerprint lock is a kind of very good locks, has very good security effect, the use of it in order to we can have a better effect, small make up is to introduce some product features and the shortcomings of fingerprint lock, to help everyone can buy better products with a fingerprint lock, bring good effect. Fingerprint lock advantages: 1, high safety. Fingerprint lock is through the electronic components and mechanical parts precision combination and produce security products. Fingerprint lock essence is safe, convenient and fashionable three aspects. Rejected boomed and recognize the false rate is undoubtedly one of the important indicators, can also be called false reject rate and the rate of course. 2, guard against theft. According to the division anti-theft performance, popular fingerprint lock divided into two categories, common fingerprint lock and fingerprint lock guard against theft. Ordinary fingerprint lock, and don't have much difference with the original electronic lock, mainly use fingerprint authentication, but not for existing domestic security doors, this type of fingerprint lock without hook pieces of heaven and earth, cannot use security doors and security system. Another fingerprint lock adopts 304 stainless steel is three lock body design, with the card pried open, the explosion-proof, saw, etc. 3, very durable. In theory, more than one function is more than one program, so the possibility of damage to the product is bigger also. But it is in the same comparison between technical strength of the manufacturers, if technical strength high, so their products can be done more than the technical strength of the product function and good quality.
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