Fingerprint lock to create intelligent household vogue for 'lock' to live in your house charm | |

by:Level      2020-07-08
More and more excellent intelligent household equipment began to appear in the consumer electronics market, the future home fingerprint lock will be more and more intelligent. In fact, we need to be more picky when choosing intelligent household equipment, fingerprint lock in addition to the outstanding function, its exterior design should also be better integrated into the modern home decoration style, is a combination of. Take a look at an outstanding design, accord with modern decoration style fingerprint lock products & ndash; — “ MF - 51' Classic fashion intelligence fingerprint lock. If the fashion made clothing is changed, then MF - 51 fingerprint lock is to lock of the fashion industry. 63 series of fingerprint lock adopted very fashionable and modern design, handle the fingerprint lock, advanced algorithm, 6 - Touch screen, the 12 digits 0 led display, directly replace the existing standard security doors, with atomic lock, mechanical and electrical separated, without opening, direct installation, wide compatibility, adapter 99% of the gate. In addition, it has the marca gold color such as brown, pearl silver, amber, with general international double quick lock body, both beauty and practicality are all very good. There is no doubt that MF - 51 fingerprint lock, is the collection of modern, delicate, fashion design model. No exaggerated curve change product design, the panel with hale and hearty linear adjustment and detail change, color areas with black or similar color is mutual collocation, the overall appearance of unique taste and do not break individual character make public, will be simple and practical with high art, shows the lock solemn atmosphere and do not break the classic life taste, let us from feeling is enjoying a feast to the fashion. MF51 fingerprint lock for younger users with intelligent access management, prevent pry open alarm, query functions such as intelligence, improve the user experience of intelligent life, is a beautiful fashion, it gives the soul in living in adornment, all show its high-end quality, releasing the enduring charm, it make household more secure, more fashion, more convenient, more beautiful, more experience!
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