Fingerprint lock to use for a long time appear a few small fault how should solve? | |

by:Level      2020-06-30
Fingerprint lock is scientific and technological innovation and improve the living standards of modern intelligent products, fingerprint lock is not only a common security products, intelligent household products at the same time is also a fashion, convenient and safe at the same time the characteristics of fast and accurate. But the fingerprint lock use time is long or improper operation, also hard to avoid some small fault happens, to teach you in this kind of small problems to solve. 1, if you can't identify when press fingerprint lock? The solution: 1) , in one finger re-recording fingerprints, try to choose their thumb or fingerprint lines clearer fingers to record, and press flat press fingers, let the collection area is larger. ( 2) , if disrelish re-recording fingerprint trouble, can I breathe with the mouth to the fingers to press the fingerprint, or clean fingerprint acquisition under the window first. 2, if the fingerprint lock LCD screen no response or display an error? ( 1) , no reaction: the more the battery, if change after the battery or not to display, may be in poor contact. ( 2) , if an error, it is lines poor contact or to change the circuit board. 3, system deadlock? ( 1) , turn off the power and restart the system. ( 2) And according to the reset button to restart the door lock.
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