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by:Level      2020-06-30
Internet firms aggressively into these two years, the channels are also flattened, some brands mainly through online sales, but smart lock involves relatively professional installation, for the traditional enterprise for sales of online and offline services to organic combine, in the channel deployment on how to make full use of its advantages in both online and offline? Intelligent lock line is an irreplaceable channels, because it is need to experience, installation and service of an integrated product, it is not a direct buying and selling goods, needs to be attached to the service. Electricity as a new channel, in terms of brand and product information dissemination has its own advantages, can be transmitted to more people, online also can also bring some sales, but it is relative to the offline sales is out of proportion. Electricity channel provides a broader platform and lower the cost of customer acquisition scheme, but also for the traditional marketing/distribution network has brought great impact, for manufacturers, channels of the Internet and electronic business is a relatively new topic, how to use electric business platform to explore the process of sales and services over a period of time. Because of the Internet in the sex, after-sales service requirements for manufacturers is also greatly improved, offline in the case of customer complaints if put onto line will produce more negative effects than before, which manufacturer also don't want to see the results. Electric business platform, therefore, need further exploration. At present, the strengthening of offline inputs and density, as well as increase investment in online, realize online and offline linkage, in terms of certain products for online launch some products can meet the demand of online consumers, play to the advantages of offline, in terms of service for online products and services. Must keep up with the localization of after-sales service. This is a big challenge for the manufacturer. Localized demand and many brand after-sales service after-sales service overlapping phenomenon, would trigger a lock maintenance industry integration, collectivize uniform after-sales service, after-sales service is no longer difficult. Don't need to sold 2000 kilometers of the product. This is the way to a virtuous cycle, it is a new direction change lock industry after-sales service.
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