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by:Level      2020-07-06
With the continuous development of fingerprint lock industry, fingerprint lock is also in constant reform and innovation, there are many kinds of fingerprint lock on the market at present, they are also to have the difference, anti-theft performance to help consumers better understand the fingerprint lock, below small make up what is to introduce the classification of fingerprint lock? A, divided according to the door: fingerprint lock is generally selected according to the requirement of the use of different and choose different fingerprint lock, family use should choose fingerprint lock anti-theft type, so the requirement of steel is low, not modified, after-sales maintenance is convenient. Fingerprint lock engineering general bulk purchase, can ask door factory also directed to provide conforms to the product of form a complete set of door installation, so there is no modification problem, but the follow-up maintenance or replacement ordinary anti-theft lock, there will be some trouble, does not match the new lock will exist. The other is a villa fingerprint lock, it is a kind of special offer all kinds of villa archaize type of fingerprint lock. This type of fingerprint lock is the fingerprint lock the representative of the high grade product line. Second, according to the anti-theft performance division: divided into common fingerprint lock
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