Fingerprint lock USES a biological type of fingerprint identification technology application in door lock | |

by:Level      2020-07-08
Domestic fingerprint lock market brisk acceleration, gradually replaced traditional lock into the industry mainstream trend is obvious. Therefore, the fingerprint lock appear concern. Fingerprint lock using biological kind of fingerprint recognition technology is applied to door locks, when opening the door to collect the fingerprint identification, is living a fingerprint, humidity, temperature, and even of finger blood flow speed has certain requirements, to keep away any protesters - expected to be a duplicate the hidden trouble of the fingerprint, allow the user to use the fingerprint lock is not only safe, more comfortable. Fingerprint lock is gradually into public life, the emergence of fingerprint lock, largely to solve the disadvantages of the mechanical lock, it makes people get rid of the dependence on the key, improves security. Is so-called fingerprint locks, electronic technology, integrated circuit design, a large number of electronic components, combined with a variety of innovative recognition technology ( Including computer network technology, the built-in software card, network alarm, mechanical design of the lock body) Comprehensive products. Specializing in the production of door of fingerprint lock, is a typical representative of the fingerprint lock, it is increasingly recognized by industry and ordinary people to accept.
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