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by:Level      2020-07-07
With the progress of society and improvement of living standards, ordinary people also more and more high to the requirement of security and privacy. National ministry of construction residential industrialization office has proposed: as intelligent community and family intelligent of low functional requirement, is to achieve within the family home & other; Three prevention & throughout; Function; I. e. , & other; Guard against theft, disaster prevention, accident prevention & throughout; 。 In recent years, people are constantly trying to use a variety of modern science and technology to strengthen security, including the application of biometric identification technology becomes more and more powerful advantages to show their intelligence, humanization, fingerprint lock will be IC card after induction Carmen lock locks and electronic locks new protagonist. Made of special strengthening treatment on the surface, has a violent shock resistance, before delivery to a waterproof, heat resistant, cold resistant, corrosion resistance, resistance to electromagnetic 36 harsh test, ensure the stability of the security in the world with its performance. Lock and fingerprint matching sex is very high, can be connected to the security doors and locks, further enhance the security. In the input fingerprint to the identity of the owner to open the lock, the staff on the fingerprint sensor press fingerprint three times and became & other; The guests throughout the &; A member of. When locks on the three root stout pop-up will lock tight lock tongue, press his fingers, and displayed on the LCD panel 1 guest open the door, press the confirm button, gently press the handle, & other; Clicking & throughout; Answer and open a door lock.
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