Fingerprint lock when you can really walk into homes?

by:Level      2020-07-08
First of all, there is no denying the fact that continues to be the trend of the development of the locks, and still is a important part of the intelligent household product line, a product can do. Lock industry according to the report in class lock industry overall decline in sales, under the trend of electronic door lock and fingerprint lock sales still can keep rising fast. But why are rarely in the form of ordinary people see the fingerprint lock on the door? As early as 2013 years or so, see there are a lot of comments on Internet mentioned & other; 2 - Three years after the fingerprint lock will be widespread popularity throughout the &; Now, in 2017, online only in & other; The old theory of bring up & throughout; , year after year time, the fingerprint lock market looks like wave, young people awareness of fingerprint lock this category also promoted very quickly, but in cognitive into buying the ring from the product's performance is not satisfactory, most consumers are reluctant to consumer, really just because the price is that a factor? Believe that the vast majority of people will want to experience the fingerprint lock is convenient, can enter the era of keyless why not? In addition to the price of this factor, there is a important premise is that the product should be enough, namely the security and stability of product quality assured, function. Fingerprint lock is not the same as other intelligent household products, if frequent malfunction, can really get mad to give up. In addition to ensure convenient intelligent switch lock function, can be simplified in product installation process? Whether can greatly improve the safety of the lock lock to prevent the thief technology? Whether can take care of the family members of different ages use habits? If we can through the way of technology, ideas, innovation at low cost implementation locks intelligent upgrade? How to give attention to two or morethings arrives have thought experience fingerprint lock but conditions is not very convenient town of consumers? Fingerprint lock, after all, want to walk into homes, will have to solve this problem. Only when the fingerprint lock brands wide service network set, door to door service response is fast, may attract a large number of consumers.
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