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by:Level      2020-07-07
Fingerprint lock is in recent years household door lock of the high-end product configuration, so, no matter how good your smart part, first of all, you must be a qualified door locks. As a qualified or pass the standards of the door lock is what? Of course is the guard against theft. Is it easy to pass the standard, parts manufacturers on the market does not necessarily amount to mark. Many people had lost the key in life, forget to take the key of trouble, have you ever sigh: if it's not the key, also can realize safe and convenient access to, how good? With the development of intelligent technology, and now this wish fingerprint lock can help us to achieve. The fingerprint lock brands on the market is multifarious, choose and have a good safety performance, high degree of intelligent professional fingerprint lock are crucial to our personal and property security, fingerprint lock for its international perspective, the unique design, a full range of security technology to walk in the forefront of the hardware industry fingerprint lock contracted fashion streamline modelling, beautiful and easy, support three kinds of fingerprints, password, and the mechanical key to open the door, let you choose, fast and convenient, meet the different needs of customers. Fingerprint lock panel with zinc alloy material, modelling, panel after fine grinding complex fastidious, feel smooth and exquisite, lock the bottom plate is 240 * 24 mm, lock tongue using stainless steel material, the overall mechanical structure of the lock body key also are all made of stainless steel, solid and firm, strong corrosion resistance. Commonly used is the password and fingerprint to open the door to lock the fingerprint capacity of 130 pieces, fingerprint contains 10 management, USES the advanced fingerprint identification technology, has the advantages of wear-resisting caustic, antistatic, when at the same time pay attention to the fingerprint region and maintenance, to avoid glare. Humanized design fingerprint authentication is 360 degrees, came home after a hard day's work, gently only a bit, you can open the door, don't have the packet anxiously over time, not to forget to take the key into the door again. Fingerprint lock lock function, internal and external lift door handle can be locked. If it is in the office or meeting room installed the fingerprint lock, at work and the meeting time can be set up normally open state, in the normally open state can be directly down the handle to open the door, and convenient access. With any fingerprint to open the door once, can cancel the normally open function. Fingerprint lock has four big warning functions: one is the latch alarm, namely when the door is not good, the latch is in a state of pumped, 2 - 3 seconds after the buzzer sends out & other; Click & throughout; Prompt; The second is the low voltage alarm, if the battery is not enough, every time when I opened the door buzzer send out & other; Click & throughout; Prompt, then need to change the battery, at the same time, will not affect the registered fingerprints and other functions. 3 it is tamper alarm, when forced beyond and lock body shell, buzzer will alert tone. Four is password error alarm, input the wrong password 5 times in a row will be issued a warning sound, automatic keyboard lock for 15 minutes. The stand or fall of mechanical key lock core is directly related to the door of the lever and stability. This part is very important, fingerprint lock is again good, still cannot leave a lock core part. Fingerprint lock key open part, select the high security lock, double bomb bead and serpentine groove all brass lock core, make it different from the ordinary anti-theft lock, class C mechanical keys, the technical opening.
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