Fingerprint lock why price is higher than ordinary mechanical lock?

by:Level      2020-07-08
Fingerprint lock and the traditional ordinary mechanical lock is different, it is an electronic door lock, can under the condition of without keys, through the blue yan, fingerprints, password, credit card, phone APP and remote control methods such as open the door, had the very big promotion in the safety and convenience, because the fingerprint lock has these advantages, now more and more to the family use the fingerprint lock. Fingerprint lock as a new type of door lock, in addition to the function of technology brings us great convenience, it is important to its price is relatively higher than that of the traditional mechanical lock to many. Therefore, as an ordinary consumer, price and stability of the fingerprint lock is more concerned about. Fingerprint lock is a kind of high-tech electronic products, it is a complicated synthesis. Main part is divided into hardware and software. Hardware is made up of many parts, including external lock body and the internal circuit board. So in contrast, a traditional mechanical lock structure is simpler, and the mechanical lock is not electronic software part. So that it is destined to fingerprint lock manufacturing costs are much higher than mechanical lock, price nature is much more expensive. Buy a ordinary household mechanical lock, average price is a few yuan, hundreds of yuan is a little more expensive. But the price of a normal fingerprint lock, relatively good quality on the market are 2 ~ 3000 yuan. Price comparison. For most ordinary people, this is obviously hard to accept. But the door is an important hurdle in the family, is related to whether the anti-theft performance of a family firm, so would like to pay big money, choose the fingerprint lock anti-theft security performance. Nowadays the fingerprint lock brands on the market is various, between each brand of fingerprint lock the price also is not the same. On the one hand, material and function caused by the difference in cost is not the same. Some tens of thousands of prices, the price also has a few hundred, but most of them are between several thousand. Internal due to differences in configuration and each brand price is also different. Then, as an ordinary consumer, how to choose a pair of affordable, high ratio of fingerprint lock, it's as if we buy a mobile phone or any other electrical appliances product, cost performance is our forever pursue the ideal goal. There are several considerations, it is the degree of the brand. Followed by the quality of the products, and a is the after-sales service, fingerprint lock is, after all, electronic products will appear a few small fault, only in a timely manner after processing can let people use the rest assured, we also need to lock function, material, safety consideration. A principle in short, we want to buy a pair of quality, high safety of fingerprint lock.
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