Fingerprint locks value index of seven

by:Level      2020-07-07
Into the industrial age 2025, intelligent manufacturing has become an important part of industrial upgrading in China. As a traditional security door industry, how to use the Internet in the tide of intelligent manufacturing users thinking, get the bonus of the information age, in the test of this industry. Market, therefore, needs to be higher level appearance, the structure of the better, safer, more convenient, more reliable, more intelligent, more strong patent protection, higher cost-effective products. Integrated index on the basis of these, we are new observation of 2017 seven fingerprint lock in production, for customers reference. 1, high level of appearance: product design of the era of intelligent product geared to the needs of users are young, characteristics should be delicate, concise, elegant. In today's industrial design, high quality products from the unique style of art creation, rather than a cheap imitation of him now. 2, good structure: the foundation of high quality fingerprint lock structure is usually a curse in a lock. Structural design is manufacturers pay a huge effort, ring of heavy and complicated is hidden behind the appearance of the simple structure. The more complex the structure design, material and the higher technological requirements. A good design on behalf of the lock service life is longer, use rise more convenient. 3, grade C anti-theft lock anti-theft essential new standard come on stage, the big change is the security doors must be configured high-end grade C anti-theft lock. Anti-theft lock C level, of course, there are quality high and low performance. More unfortunately, in the domestic anti-theft lock claims to class C directory it's hard to find and highly unified C level security locks. 4, convenience of the pursuit of high-end security door complex process should not be an excuse for actual use in trouble. In fact, the convenience is the goal of the fingerprint locks. No matter how the slogan, easy to use and convenient user experience is close to the customer's needs. 5, good material used in the structure of the quality of the high-end security door ascension also depending on the support of better updated materials, with higher strength, better materials, it is necessary to meet the need of structure and design. 6 not absent, intelligent security door high-end intelligent era is the development of physical security, security doors if not achieve the docking, likely to miss in the smart spring tide. Using fingerprint locks and intelligent household docking is perhaps better development direction. 7, word of mouth is dependent on the ratio of good corporate reputation from the product itself. Excellent product quality and good customer experience, has a vital role on word of mouth. The comprehensive cost-effective is the decisive element that consumers will not buy.
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