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by:Level      2020-07-11
In science and technology developed today, are you still using heavy mechanical locks? Obviously this is not conform to the requirements of The Times. For the traditional property management and security company, also can play a role based security checks. To make the residents to realize safe, convenient, intelligent residential life, requires the developers to provide residents with more intelligent technology products. As a new generation of intelligent security systems & other; Fingerprint password lock & throughout; To meet the demand of the users of all security fingerprint lock has advantage of convenient management and safe protection functions, but also to strengthen the housing security level, more promoted the entire district & other The high-end intelligent & throughout; Image. Now the fingerprint combination lock at the domestic product has & other; Password, fingerprint, mechanical lock & throughout; Three open function, each fingerprint lock can accommodate 200 password and fingerprint data within the group, can satisfy the user requirements of different habits, different age. Fingerprint password locks are preferred by many home users, in addition to advanced technology, the fingerprint lock itself is more important is that he changed the way users of family life. Using fingerprint locks, security and intelligent entrance guard system become more safe, convenient, which greatly raised the resident of entrance guard system safety, and to give the residents more enjoyable intelligent life experience. In the face of end user demand for intelligent life and love, more side village started in hand in the building standards add & other; Intelligent security systems & throughout; To improve user acceptance of the project and residential turnover. All rights reserved:
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