Fingerprint smart buy online or offline good lock

by:Level      2020-07-06
Some friends will ask, buy intelligent fingerprint lock good buy online or offline bought? Compared with, difficult to choose. What about where to buy is better, we analyze the. Online shopping the advantages as follows: 1. People like to shop around, online shopping you can see more brand and product information and price, you can choose many comparison, 2. Platform, such as taobao, Tmall, jingdong, suning, etc. , to buy more convenient, need not go out. Faults: brand, look similar but the price difference is bigger, a few hundred to several thousand, if is don't understand the market, easy to choose the seemingly think cost-effective fingerprint smart locks are quality and after-sale guarantee. If the after-sales problem, still need to send back to repair speed is slow. Offline stores to buy advantages: 1. Can go to the shop to check the fingerprint combination lock, also can undertake simple operations, practical experience that intelligent fingerprint lock handle, performance, are satisfied; 2. Stores have to install and repair personnel, there is a problem, can the door handle in time. Weakness: the need to take time to go out to pick, brand stores and less at the same time. In fact, the combination of these can have a better effect, online selection conforms to the brands and models, line down to see the real and the operation, to buy. If their services are offline, after-sales problem, also can solve in time. Fingerprint smart locks, more than 20 years experience in lock, numerous national distributor, online close service, is your choice!
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