Fingerprint trick lock, the more your smart life 'core'

by:Level      2020-08-12
Home is the warmest harbour, then lock is to defend harbour fighters. Door can give a person the most basic sense of security, but most of the time, only a sense of security is not enough, the door way also determines the feeling of pleasure or not. Often have such scene: they were filled with joy, returned home, hand carry a lot of things, but to find the key, at this time to wish a more hands. At the same time, also often forget to pull out the key to get the attention of thieves. General and low degree of safety related mechanical lock, so, as the most solid defense, upgrading of door lock is very necessary and very urgent. In mechanical lock does not conform to the era of the 21st century, more intelligent security fingerprint combination lock should be gave birth to the potentials. It used human fingerprint uniqueness and replication, adopt the advanced biological type of fingerprint identification technology, a market became the representative of a new generation of door lock. Using fingerprint combination lock, and anyone at any time, without having to worry about forgot, forget the key condition, not to open the door. Fingerprint lock password is finger fingerprint, late at night, also don't have to worry about into the door, as long as gently to get into, but also does not affect family rest, kill two birds with one stone. Without a doubt, home household choose trick lock, the fingerprint has is the direct embodiment of noble identity. As a high-end villa villa community of dujiangyan, not only choose advanced fingerprint trick lock, the more eagerly anticipates the future, take the lead in introducing + smart community innovation pattern of life science and technology, updated the intelligent residential standards, dujiangyan, is bound to change the habits of the people.
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