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by:Level      2020-07-28
Online there are many intelligent lock brand is playing a price war, the price is very low, also does not have its own after-sales team, basically out of the problem is that all kinds of push to take off. So when buy, want to polish eyes, don't jump into the pit. 1. Brand superstition for ordinary people, the unknown, big brands is their range, have certain desirable degree. Don't know or haven't heard of smart lock brands, generally can't buy, like the brand can go to building materials market, to look at. Online also want to have a look at the brand evaluation, general public praise good, good product quality, after-sale system is perfect. 2. The functional feature over many low-cost intelligent security lock brand, is the appearance, functionality to big blow, let consumers to ignore the quality and stability of the lock problem, a heart, would be easy to buy. Additional functions is based on the stability of the intelligent lock, safety, lock good, reflected its added value. 3. Price is an important factor to influence consumer prices, most of the brands of smart locks on the market in one thousand to about, smart locks, who I basically is quality closes nevertheless, low price, means that the cost will reduce, the quality will be discounted. The safety of the lock is an important line of defense, the important thing is safety, not functional.
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