For young people, the use of fingerprint lock is greatly promoted their experience for intelligent household life | |

by:Level      2020-07-28
Our country's security situation is still grim. Frequent home invasion robbery, theft, and many other social problems, people for their own security concern and attention. So many families in order to protect the personal and property safety, love start to install some in the home burglar alarm equipment, in order to realize the family protection. Identification of the fingerprint lock as access derivatives, rely on the biometric technology development, has gradually rise into more families in abroad. Its advantages are the following: locks open more secure. Mechanical lock need to open a door with the key, therefore, inserted into the keyhole opening part must be exposed, this also let the thief had to. And different from the mechanical lock, fingerprint lock need to open the door with fingerprints or password, his acquisition part outside the door, and the central part in it, so don't worry about being malicious damage of the thief. For young people likes fashion science and technology, the use of fingerprint lock is greatly improve their for smart home life experience. Especially in the rapid development of electronic science and technology today, using the fingerprint lock will better links with intelligent communication such as mobile phone, open as a future smart home port. Now South Korea's fingerprint lock penetration rate is above 95%, the future of China can also, fingerprint lock is cannot steal a thief, it has a pry proof function, once someone picking, it will automatically alarm.
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