Foreign brands smart door lock security crisis outbreak in advance? | |

by:Level      2020-07-13
The hacker test in 16 foreign brands intelligent lock product, has been broken there are 12, cracking rate was 75%, incredibly, the brand smart lock security basic undefended, hackers can break easily. This is very worrying problem, shocked the whole of the intelligent lock industry, is famous for its high technology in Europe and the brand smart door lock for security fell across the board. Who created the crisis? The crisis appears by the hackers start, time pulling the nerve of people, security is to prevent smart locks the elements of brand development. No matter the crisis initiated by who, however, the outbreak of the total is not an accident. Heavy light smart security is the industry's big disease, safety severely neglected is the root of the crisis. Intelligent lock as intelligent household products to get started, everybody. Through the convenience of easy to highlight intelligent technology products, and investment and development of the safety of products and technology, it will cost is very high, the user is not clear, and security problem is a one over ten thousand chance, manufacturers tend to take any chances. Therefore, in the process of enterprise development, after the first intelligent security is their common way, also can be to wait until the crisis erupted, impatient of the enterprise will consciousness of safety brand of pain. In the future, intelligent security will become the development of smart home. Intelligent lock security problem restricts the development of brand, technology development and application of intelligent security is the development direction of intelligent door locks. In the future, intelligent security will become more complex, security technology of mechanical lock, add honey solution of the electronic information technology, the future of smart security will become the development of smart home. Cloud security technology is highly integrated the development direction of intelligent security. Single security technology can not solve the problem of intelligent product safety, along with the progress of science and technology, multiple security anti cracking technology will be the core of the development of intelligent lock, such as in China, domestic companies more understand the security needs of Chinese consumers, anti-theft mechanical lock anti-theft + electronic technology of double standards in combination with intelligent lock can let them rest assured use, of course, this is equivalent to the production enterprise to pay more cost on safety management. Intelligent lock is the smart convenience combined with intelligent safety and reasonable brand, one of the user experience intelligence bring convenience, at the same time has a guarantee of safety. If you want to pursuit of fashion, smart home life, and don't want to lose the traditional life of safe and reliable, so you choose a door lock, both have intelligent anti-theft function and the traditional mechanical anti-theft intelligent locks could be just what you, when hackers decode crisis comes, how to choose a safe, convenient, intelligent lock, believe you will be easier to deal with
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