Function and advantages of intelligent lock is introduced

by:Level      2020-08-05
Put forward the concept of intelligent household already has more than ten years, now has become the focus of economic growth, being sought. In the mobile phone, after adding fingerprint door lock unlock function, safety performance is improved more than one class, let's see below, how is the function of the intelligent lock. The function of the intelligent lock - Biometric lock smart locks and mechanical lock is the biggest difference is that, through fingerprints, password, induction card, mobile phone, don't have to worry about lost keys, safe and convenient. The function of the intelligent lock - Independent information management manages all user information, free to add/modify/delete user information. This feature for home users have a nanny or tenants practical. When nanny or tenants move out, can instantly remove their fingerprints, so they have no right to use dozen don't open the door. Conversely, if there are new nanny and tenants, can input their fingerprints at any time, let them free to open the door. In general, the greatest benefit of this feature is: don't worry about nanny or tenant duplicate keys, reduce insecurity at home. The function of the intelligent lock - Voice prompt operation in use process, start the voice function, guide operation for the user to open the door, let the user know every step of the operation is correct, and prompt the user to the next step of operation. This feature is very useful for old people or children, make them comfortable during the operation process, reduce their due to don't understand the operation of high-tech products rejected. The function of the intelligent lock - Pry alarm function in abnormal opening and prevention of violence, or the door slightly off the door, immediately issued a strong warning to attract the attention of people, like a car alarm. Intense alarm, can attract the attention of people around, effectively prevent rogue wrongdoing. For user centered environment more complex, this feature is useful. The function of the intelligent lock - Phantom passwords in the correct password before and after adding more than one or more groups of the code, as long as there is continuous in this set of data the correct password can open the fingerprint lock. The function of the intelligent lock - Remote control key to open the lock by remote control button, within a certain distance control the door open. In line with automatic lock function. The reason is more intelligent, more can meet the needs of different people. For example, in the company, the company the boss can be the office door, when the subordinate knocking at the door, don't have to walk to the door to open the door, press the open button to open the door, also can prevent the leaping to visitors. If it is a mechanical lock, in order to facilitate staff to enter, the boss is generally not to lock the door, such ventures intruder is convenient. If to lock the door, and when employees to report on its work when the boss is always got up and open the door, very inconvenient. This function can just solve the problem of these troubles. As you all know, nothing is perfect, have to admit that intelligent lock brought you a lot of safe and convenient.
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