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by:Level      2020-07-15
Household fingerprint lock really applied in fact or fingerprint, password and keys. If you want to pay more for some function after think about whether can use. Fingerprint lock is a system integration of the product, its components are complicated, the craft is varied, industry without specification, led to consumers is difficult to identify a fingerprint lock is really worth buying. Almost the same appearance of two fingerprint lock, the cost may be to. In digital for example, also sell 3000 fingerprint lock, some brand vendors can earn $500, some can earn 1000 dollars, some even higher. When we choose the fingerprint lock, what should we talking about? In the absence of guidance, now chaotic fingerprint lock on the market, consumers didn't completely in normal selection process to determine what may well be worth the buy! Again and again to see the consumer paid such a high price for the so-called high-tech fingerprint lock, is actually buy a lock let the thief happy irony, just don't think it's a pity that. When we choose the fingerprint lock, what should we talking about? 【 After-sales service ability & gt; Mechanical ability of security & gt; Intelligent function 】 First consider the seller's service ability, intelligent products, fingerprint lock, after all, is certainly certainly would be bad. When you were locked in the evening at the door, you will know that the particularity of door lock; Secondly, of course, is the security ability, I have spent a lot of space, is no longer here. Refer to section above mechanical summary; Is the products bring you convenience and raises living standards. 【 Fingerprint lock brands & gt;> Fingerprint lock purchase choice & gt;> 】 1, said German brand, brand said the United States. Some brands of electronic software, strong strength, but the mechanical part of all outsourcing. Can you get SMS mobile phone unlocked, the lock, finger vein the lock, even facial recognition lock, etc. , some brands are possible and try and put into production. But due to factors such as production capacity and demand too small itself, its stability and after-sales cost remains to be inspection. 2, too novel function means too high premium and the uncertain follow-up service ability, mobile phone is broken can be repaired in the next few days, you strike the thing you have to live in the hotel. If you want to choose the brands, go to the store, how to have a look at the merchant's strength. Some shops in building materials market, only two or three kind of fingerprint lock, this kind of situation have to be careful. They appear fast, too fast. Some brand after-sales warranty for one year, only a year later you found this shop again in a brand agent, do you want a new agent to help the old agents do after-sales, that also can, to pay a high price. If the brand has stores in the market, or the agent power strong enough, can choose to buy. 3, the domestic first-line brand production fingerprint lock the locks. Almost have brand stores, in the building materials market operating for a long time, but also will continue to operate. Mechanical parts of absolute stability, anti-theft performance don't have to worry about. The technology level of electronic parts depends on the manufacturer's devotion to research and development. This kind of brand of service should be good, conventional fingerprint, password function stability, and other brands. 4, less known and inferior brand. Twenty or thirty workers, set a factory building, all parts outside to buy into the first, back assembly, a LOGO, a western style's name, and then the factory. Sales of the above, in the building materials market to find a store or neighborhood set a booth, 2 - 3 the samples, started to sell up. The fingerprint lock similar appearance, surface spray paint is given priority to, dim without burnish. Software don't buy! Conclusion: 1) Try to choose brand stores to buy ( After all) ; 2) After taking the door for the hotel show fingerprint lock anti-theft test report (3) Ask to see the key, ask whether reach the standard super class B ( See the clerk level of confidence) ; 4) Ask to see the lock core, whether for hoist denier structure. 5) Try the lock, and see the fingerprint read speed. 6) Try the password, look at the reaction;
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