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by:Level      2020-07-12
To guard against burglary spent nearly a year of more than $200 a year worldwide losses caused by burglary at more than $400. Burglaries by thieves optional the gender is big, strong contingent, and have very strong anti reconnaissance consciousness, makes investigation is difficult and is one of the world have a headache problem. In China, at present the measures and way to guard against burglary is combination of social and family to prevent. Through peripheral human security, such as personnel patrol, standing guard, entrance guard measures and union of photograph of domestic electronic monitoring anti-theft alarm, despite many barriers, is still small-scale operations. Both tinfoil open security doors, and 10 minutes to open anti-theft locks, can show simple anti-theft locks, whether it is a few class, as long as thieves can close, will be opened. Locks are the current domestic market sales: mechanical lock, induction apartment lock, combination lock, fingerprint lock, the function principle of each product and technology are not the same. Mechanical lock is low-tech lock, the more people now use is ordinary mechanical lock. Induction lock and combination lock is often used in business and the public space, the hotel room with the door card lock is locked, and many enterprises choose the combination lock for the door control management. Apartment in four kinds of locks, fingerprint lock is a high technology content of lock, fingerprint lock products like apartment will & other; Fingerprint, passwords, magnetic card, mechanical keys & throughout; Four kinds of combination of open technology, therefore, its manufacturing process and technology content is high. Over time bond intelligent fingerprint lock again more than ordinary fingerprint lock & other; Alert, warning, alarm, remote control & throughout; The function. Apartment fingerprint lock, is the realization of the civil air defense and technology dimension is the integration of family security door lock. When the thief pry the door, will start pry proof alarm, and other forms of alarm. 1. Burglary occurred in the middle of the night, and pry alarm make thieves betray oneself and deterrent to leave quickly. 2. Without exception to open the door alarm, home person has both the alarm and remote alarm. Open access to multiple authentication verification, optional bank vault can also be used. World living creature recognition algorithm, the application of high-end FPC imported fingerprint readers, put up the fingers certification living first, revalidation grain. The voice prompt, light is lit up, complete the fingerprint feature extraction to unlock. The function of add, delete, users have more intelligence.
Nowadays, the adoption of bluetooth hotel lock in hotel electronic lock supplier industry is quite common.
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