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by:Level      2020-08-02
In the near future, there is no smart home system of residential would like housing can't surf the Internet today is not in conformity with the trend. ” It is early to predict the development of smart home, intelligent household is the trend of future residential development, and will be going into the ordinary people. Think & other; Smart home has become increasingly common & throughout; , a lot of people mention intelligence often & other; First will be associated with high price, in fact, there are a lot of cheap and fine products, the market now prices also gradually civil & throughout; 。 For most people, however, today's intelligent household is still & other; Strange & throughout; 。 The smart home strange to many people, a very important reason is the development of smart home is not strong enough. Intelligent household in the domestic development of about twenty years, but during the twenty years of development, intelligent household has been tepid, more popular with no relationship, this could be related to smart home is a high-tech product, and high-tech products often require certain digestive process. These twenty years, however, the benefits of development are, smart home and are no longer simply labeled & other; High-tech & throughout; Label, but put a low profile as supplies to promote family life. Smart home outside heat just let more and more people pay attention to the smart home, did not let outside people & other; Action & throughout; , this kind of situation has been basically no longer associated with the promotion of smart home, intelligent household, although can't say the world knows, but most people have heard about. However, this is heard at the cognitive level, the lack of experience, more not installed to use in the home, for most people, in essence is a kind of strange. Happily, in 2014, smart home industry is very hot, this has to do with than before a few years intelligent household circles are very cold and cheerless is clearly a step forward. A few years ago, a Internet technology companies in the world, most businesses indifferent to the Internet of things of represented by smart home, but this kind of situation in this year be reversed. This kind of intelligent household heat circles make smart home got the attention of more people, also lays a foundation for intelligent household heat outside.
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