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by:Level      2020-07-25
About home do you want to install smart door lock this problem, many people thought, but in the end, but not to change, we simply analyse, why you want to change. In terms of security, on the physical security, both of which are mechanical parts, there is no say who good who bad, but the level of the lock core, most of the mechanical lock lock on the market are grade A, grade B lock is given priority to, this kind of lock in technical opening level, safety performance is low, can be opened in A few minutes. Smart door lock is the class C lock core, technical opening time in more than 270 minutes, greatly enhanced the security of the mechanical parts, as well as to the electronic warning defense, trial and error, pry panels will be sounded the alarm. Compared with the traditional mechanical locks, smart door lock safety performance is greatly increased. In terms of convenience, smart door lock key, do not need to wear machinery as well as the use of flexible function such as passwords, fingerprints, credit card, the APP to unlock, can also check on the family open the door to record, such as old person or child in the home what time back home, even if there is the departure of nannies, cleaners, or just delete the corresponding fingerprint CARDS permissions. The development of science and technology is to change your life, make life more beautiful, convenient and comfortable. Smart door lock is a product of science and technology, it is a witness of The Times, is also a kind of trend, no resistance is necessary to install smart door lock at home.
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