Home smart door lock price is commonly?

by:Level      2020-07-25
With the expansion of intelligent door locks, the more to more families use smart door lock. For consumers, the prices are smart door lock is very concerned about their problems. So, how much home smart door lock price is commonly? Many people buy goods first concern is the price, especially don't know under the condition of this item, the price will decide whether or not they have to continue to understand. A few hundred smart locks and a more than two thousand smart door locks, in under the performance of intelligent door locks, did not understand a lot of people will buy cheap smart door lock. Many normal intelligence door lock manufacturer brand factory products, prices are more than one thousand above, basic higher has more than two thousand, more than three thousand. Price gap in where? The first is the difficulty of the product and manufacturability. From design to production to the world, these are completed independently, the high cost. The second is the differentiation function, security is the basic, function is added value, the difference of the price represents a functional differentiation, because the cost of different functions are not the same. As for why the price of normal manufacturer is above one thousand, one is the quality, the other is service. Get rid of good quality, but also need timely after-sales service, to get consumers to use at ease, rest assured.
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