Home smart door lock what is the price?

by:Level      2020-07-25
Home smart door lock is entry-level products, many families in the security of home security at the same time, bring to life a lot of convenience. There are many people have a great interest for smart door locks, but can not buy, the larger reason is price. So, the price of general family expenses intelligent door locks? Say first smart door lock market, the price from several hundred to several thousand, but they all said & other; A price points a points goods & throughout; , this is the truth from practice. In the current market, most of the smart door lock brands many products are in the price of around one thousand to two thousand, many families can afford. More than one thousand prices, to be honest high cost performance, buy one of the more well-known brands of smart door locks, the price of more than one thousand not only can buy smart door locks, with good quality and perfect after-sales service, if there is a problem, timely maintenance, effective protection of smart door lock use period.
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